How to choose best perfumes for winters!

Selecting a performing fragrance for winter is really a deal! there are many perfumes claiming the ultimate fits for fall, actually don't not deliver or accepted. The confusion in notes or lack of knowledge of outcome throws to the horrible selection, there are many not even consider weather and sprinkle all around just for pleasure. We have listed a few pointers which might help you in narrowing the search.

1. Avoid citrus/fresh or mint in top notes.

2. Do not consider longevity as one of the important aspect as they will any ways stretches better than summer perfumes. 

3. Are you allergic to Coffee beans, honey, tobacco? Will be far better to keep hands away rather than suffering later.

4. Base Notes are most important and as they will last, try heavy base notes e.g spicy, sweet, woody etc.

5. Look around for EDP and not EDT or Colognes etc.

6. Avoid applying more perfumes at the same time as that may result in a worst headache.

7. Apply some moisturizer to the areas where you have to spray the perfume before for long lasting results.

8. DO NOT necessarily consider your friend's recommendation as fragrance is a very personal choice, it stays with you for almost entire day and it is you who has to face it every moment.

9. Do not stick to a particular perfume in case you are uncomfortable, try something new as that could be a better companion.

Trust your nose as the best expert to judge any fragrance, listen to your mind and mood!

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