About Perfumes Notes:

Interestingly every being on earth is know by its characteristics, same goes for perfumes as well, every perfume is made through process of blending and mixing. When makes a perfume unique? The answer is the composition or the formula!

We will try to make it easier for a lay man to understand the concept of perfume notes:

1. Generally speaking perfumes notes are categories in 3 types e.g.

    i) Top/Head Notes: Feel immediately after the application (e.g. mint, lemon) generally remains for 30 minutes after applying a perfume.

    ii) Middle/Heart Notes: Just after the not notes what comes next are the middle notes

    iii) Base/Bottom Notes: What stays after the heart notes are the base notes, they are the real depth of any perfume as a fragrance is known because only of its base notes.

2. Perfume Notes are the scents one senses on smelling a perfume and of course with time distinctly.

3. Perfume Notes are different oils take from different natural (generally) sources, e.g herbs, spices, flowers, etc.

4. The perfumes designer play with notes to produce something unique, special and mass appealing, the do all the blending for even months for the desired output.

5. A perfume freak consumer generally will first read about a perfumes and primarily the notes before going for a blind buy.