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Kenneth Cole Reaction 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
New -58 %
Brand: Kenneth Cole Model: 5KENNET-S
Notes: Top notes are Melon, Watermelon, Green Apple, Lemon and Lime; middle notes are Lily-of-the-Valley and Patchouli; base notes are Musk and Sandalwood...
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Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-55 %
Brand: Givenchy Model: 10GIVENC-S
Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label for men perfume is a fresh spicy fragrance for men with ideal for use during the daytime. This masculine summer perfume has a proven combination of fresh spicy and citrus elements, along with less prominent woody and aromatic accords. Slight hints of herbal elements gi..
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Calvin Klein one 200ml for men and women perfume (Tester)
Hot -49 %
Brand: Calvin Klein Model: 46CALVIN-S
Top notes: Pineapple, green notes, mandarin orange, papaya, bergamot, cardamom and lemonMiddle notes: Nutmeg, violet, orris root, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and roseBase notes: Sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar and oakmoss Concentration: EDT Classification: Citrus ..
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Carolina Herrera 212 NYC 200ml for men perfume (Tester)
-62 %
Brand: Carolina Herrera Model: 3CAROLI-S
Top notes: Pink grapefruit, citrus leaves, citrus grass and spice leaves. Middle notes: Gardenia and ginger Base notes: Sandalwood, incense and white musk Concentration: EDT Classification: Citrus, Fruity Recommended use: Casual Year introduced: 1..
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Dunhill Desire Red 150ml for men perfume (Tester)
-57 %
Brand: Dunhill Model: 4DUNHILL-S
The Desire perfume opens with the notes of apple, orange blossoms, fresh, sweet bergamot and sparkling lemon. The heart brings notes of rose, patchouli and teakwood in. The base acts with the accords of vanilla, musk and labdanum. With its attractive and modern design, Dunhill Desire is made of r..
₹2,999 ₹7,000
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Clinique Happy 100ml for men perfume EDC (Tester)
-57 %
Brand: Clinique Model: 1CLINIQ-S
Clinique Happy for men creates a rush of citrusy freshness for the daytime needs of flamboyant men. Containing several green and aromatic elements, it is an intriguing perfume choice for men. Launched in 1999, this refreshing fragrance has been a firm favourite of many men throughout the years. It c..
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Ralph Lauren Polo Blue Collector's Edition 125ml for men EDP perfume (Tester)
-57 %
Brand: Ralph Lauren Model: 20RALPHL-S
Ralph Lauren Polo Blue for men is an ozonic fragrance ideal for use during the summer. It combines aquatic and fresh spicy accords along with hints of green and musky elements to deliver amazing freshness. This 2003 fragrance is suitable for daytime use and will help you grab attention in any social..
₹2,999 ₹7,000
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Moschino Forever EDT 100ml for Men (Tester)
-59 %
Brand: Moschino Model: 1MOSCHIN-S
Notes: Top notes are Kumquat, Star Anise and Bergamot; middle notes are Pepper, Clary Sage and Tonka Bean; base notes are Sandalwood, Vetiver and Musk..
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Gucci Guilty Platinum 90ml for men perfume (Tester)
-61 %
Brand: Gucci Model: 15GUCCI-S
Notes: Lemon, lavender, Orange blossom, cedar and patchouli Concentration: EDT Classification: Citrus/Aromatic Best to use: Casual Year launched: 2016 About designer The company's first fragrance, Gucci No. 1 for women, was introduced in 19..
₹2,699 ₹6,999
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Lacoste L.12.12. Green EDT 100ml for men perfume (Tester)
-70 %
Brand: Lacoste Model: 15LACOST-S
Top Notes: Bergamot, Grapefruit, Melon, VerbenaHeart Notes: Lavender, BirchBase Notes: Bamboo Wood, Aqueous Note, Woody Note..
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Versace Pour Homme 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-64 %
Brand: Versace Model: 8VERSAC-S-S
Top notes: Lemon, neroli, bergamot and rose de maiMiddle notes: Hyacinth, clary sage, cedar and geraniumBase notes: Tonka bean, musk and amber...
₹2,899 ₹8,000
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Chanel Allure Homme Cologne Sport 100ml for men perfume (Tester)
-63 %
Brand: Chanel Model: 26CHANEL-S
Top Notes: Tonka, Vetiver, Amber, White MuskBase Notes: Black Pepper, Neroli, CedarMiddle Notes:Top Notes: Aldehydes, Mandarin, Orange, Aquatic Note Concentration: EDT Classification: Aromatic/Balsamic Best to use: Casual Year launched: 2012 ..
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Hugo Boss Classic 125ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-61 %
Brand: Hugo Boss Model: 6HUGOBO-S
Hugo Boss Classic for men is a signature fragrance with prominent fresh spicy and aromatic accords which produce a phenomenal freshness. It is a woody and Oriental type perfume suitable for daytime usage and includes subtle notes of handpicked green elements. Launched in 1998, this fragrance from Hu..
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Cacharel Anais Anais L’Original 100ml for women perfume EDT (Tester)
-66 %
Brand: Cacharel Model: 01CACHAR
Notes: Green hyacinth and honeysuckle. Its heart mixes white flowers such as lily, lily of the valley, jasmine and ylang - ylang with rose. The base is woody, ambery and sweet, with a touch of vetiver, moss and musk...
₹2,699 ₹8,000
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Giorgio Armani Code Colonia 75ml for men perfume (Tester)
-62 %
Brand: Giorgio Armani Model: 18GIORGI
Top Notes: Bergamot, Mandarin, Pink pepperMiddle Notes: Orange blossom, Clary sage, Salicylate moleculeBase notes: Wood, Amber, Tonka, Heliotrope Concentration: EDT Classification: Citrus/Leather Best to use: Casual Year launched: 2004 About..
₹2,899 ₹7,600
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Burberry Summer 2013 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
New Top Brand -66 %
Brand: Burberry Model: 42BURBER-S
Burberry Weekend for men is a woody and citrus perfume ideal for use in casual settings. It comes with assorted green, fresh and sweet note elements to produce a vibrant fragrance to enhance your weekends. Launched in 1997, this perfume is a preferred choice among men around the world. It has an..
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Calvin Klein Eternity 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
Hot -56 %
Brand: Calvin Klein Model: 19CALVIN-S
Calvin Klein Eternity for men perfume This is a refreshing perfume for men, best suited for use during the daytime. It is an immaculately designed blend of aromatic, fresh spicy and citrus elements that radiate youth and masculine enthusiasm. Slight hints of herbal, floral and woody accords makes th..
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Hugo Boss Iced 125ml for men perfume (Tester)
-55 %
Brand: Hugo Boss Model: 20HUGOBO-S
Top Notes: Frozen mintHeart Notes: TeaBase Notes: Indian vetiver Concentration: EDT Classification: Green/Aromatic Best to use: Casual Year launched: 2017 About Hugo Boss Designer's Name: Hug..
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Christian Dior Fahrenheit 200ml Edt for men perfume (Tester)
-65 %
Brand: Christian Dior Model: 26CHRIST-S
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Lavender, Violet, Hawthorn, Honeysuckle, Mace, ChamomileHeart Notes: Jasmine, Lily of the valley, Cedarwood, SandalwoodBase Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Leather, Tonka, Musk, Lenstiscus, Styrax Concentration: EDT Classification: Leather/Aromatic Bes..
₹4,899 ₹14,000
Ex Tax:₹4,899
Paco Rabanne Invictus 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-55 %
Brand: Paco Rabanne Model: 11PACORA-S
Paco Rabanne Invictus 100 ml for men perfume is an immaculately masculine warm spicy fragrance suitable for use in casual settings. This perfume is a daytime choice that perfectly fulfills the needs of active, sporty men. Launched in 2013, this unique fragrance offers a well-executed combination of ..
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Davidoff The Game Intense 100ml for men perfume (Tester)
-58 %
Brand: Davidoff Model: 30DAVIDO
About Davidoff The Game Intense 100 ml for men Top note is gin; middle notes are orris and blackwood; base notes are labdanum and patchouli. Concentration: EDT Classification: Woody Best to use: Casual Year launched: 2013 About Davidoff ..
₹2,199 ₹5,200
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Burberry Touch 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
Top Brand -33 %
Brand: Burberry Model: 26BURBER-S
Burberry Touch for men perfume is a fresh spicy and musky-type fragrance for men, best suited for use in casual settings. This intense masculine perfume offers an amazing blend of fresh spicy, ozonic, woody and musky elements. Slight measures of aromatic and aquatic accords boosts the overall freshn..
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Calvin Klein CKIN2u 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-37 %
Brand: Calvin Klein Model: 6CALVIN-S
CKIN2u for Him from Calvin Klein is a woody fragrance for men suitable for casual use. This Aromatic Fougere fragrance launched in 2007 has remained an assorted favourite of many men around the globe. It is preferred for daytime use and lasts for 2-4 hours after application. CKIN2u for Him contains ..
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Ralph Lauren Polo Sport 125ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-70 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Ralph Lauren Model: 16RALPHL
Ralph Lauren Polo Sport 125 ml for men perfume is a green fresh perfume for men, best suited for use during the daytime. This fragrance is an intense masculine offering with the combination of aromatic, fresh spicy and citrus elements. It offers slight hints of green and aldehydic accords to accentu..
₹1,999 ₹6,600
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Issey Miyake Sport 200ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-67 %
Brand: Issey Miyake Model: 20ISSEYM-S
Issey Miyake Sports ml for men is a citrus perfume for men best suited for use in casual settings. This daytime fragrance is a simple yet elegant choice for the needs of active modern men. It contains a riveting blend of fresh spicy, woody and aromatic accords, along with subtle hints of green and l..
₹3,299 ₹9,900
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Mont Blanc Legend Night 100ml for men perfume EDT (Tester)
-55 %
Brand: Mont Blanc Model: 16MONTBL-S
Top Notes: Bergamot, Sage, CardamomHeart Notes: Apple, Balsam fir, CedarwoodBase notes: Vetiver, Akigalawood, Vanilla..
₹2,499 ₹5,500
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