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Unboxed Perfumes is an online reserve of perfumes and fragrances from around the world. We have different varieties of fragrances and perfumes. We offer detailed descriptions that can effectively be used for choosing a fragrance as per your personality.

Why a perfume that smells good on others smells bad on my body?

This is because of body chemistry affecting the way a perfume reacts to the human skin. Certain things affect the natural smell of the human skin and these include hormonal changes, stress, diet and medications. These are things that establish the way a certain perfume will smell on an individual.

What is the difference between Eau De Tiolette and Eau De Parfum?

These generally define the strong smell of a perfume. To be very precise, these determine the quantity of alcohol and water in a certain perfume. There is usually 15% to 25 % perfume oil combined in alcohol that makes up a scent. A mixture that has low proportions of oil and alcohol is known as eau de water.

The list of varied perfume compositions has been provided below:

Perfume or Parfum: It consists of 15% to 25% perfume oil in alcohol base. It is also called extract or extrait.

Perfume OilIt consists of 15% to 30% perfume oil without an alcohol base. It has an oil base and is therefore the richest fragrance variety.

Soie de Parfum: It consists of 15% to 18% perfume oil in alcohol base.

Eau de Toilette: It consists of 4% to 10% perfume oil in alcohol base.

Eau Fraiche: It consists of less than 3% perfume oil in alcohol base.

Eau de Parfum: It consists of 8% to 15% perfume oil in alcohol base.

Eau de Cologne: It consists of 2% to 5% perfume oil in alcohol base.

Is there a method to make a fragrance stay longer on my body?

Of course, this is possible. Perfumes tend to evaporate very easily on dry human skin. Therefore, if you want a perfume to last longer, try applying lotion or cream on your skin prior to applying the perfume. One of the most popular creams that people use prior to applying perfume is Cetaphil. Petroleum jelly or jojoba oil can also be used for this purpose.

What do you mean by top, middle and base notes?

The top notes offer the very first impression of perfume when it is applied on the skin. These are light notes that tend to evaporate very quickly. These notes generally last for five to thirty minutes.

The middle notes or the heart notes as they are popularly called serve as the body of the perfume. These notes take around ten to thirty minutes to actually develop on the human skin.

The base notes come with very heavy molecular weight. These notes do not evaporate very quickly and therefore they last longer in comparison to the other notes. Oakmoss, woods, musks and vanilla are good examples of such notes.

There are even perfumes that do not features top, middle and base notes. These perfumes are known as linear.

Fragrance Family- What is it?

Groups of different aromas are called fragrance families. There are a total of six fragrance families and they are Greens, Aldehydics, Oriental, Tobacco, Florals and Chypre.

How to store a perfume for better longevity?

Perfumes stored properly have increase chances of lasting for a very long time. Perfumes should be kept in boxes away from light and heat. They should not be exposed to air directly.

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